Financing Gas Stations and Convenience Stores 101

March 26, 2015 Posted by admin

How gas station owners can finance or re-finance gas station real estate. Most banks don’t want to lend on this type of property because they do not understand this business. Kendall Schnieder has been in the commercial real estate finance business since the mid 90’s and has a very close working relationship with some very aggressive banks.
Monday June 11, 2009

The USDA B&I lending program might be just right for you the time you need gas station financing.
Is your request for gas station financing the “Cream of the Crop?” Do you have a FICO score of 800+, 50% down, and 25 years of management experience? If not, then the next time you want to apply for gas station financing, you need to look beyond in-house lenders such a banks or savings and loan type lenders.
There are many financial instruments that are used for funding gas stations and convenience stores, the problem is find a lender that first of all knows the gas station financing business, and second, is in a position to shop various lending resources for the best funding program. Most lenders are employees that work for a bank or lender, and they normally have a set

5 Benefits Of Investing in The Mutual Funds

March 19, 2015 Posted by admin

Mutual funds have been here since decades and have gone from strength to strength. Their popularity and longevity means that there are many solid reasons for making investment in them. Here we are looking at five important reasons.

1. Diversification of funds. This is the most important reason for many people who use mutual funds. There is no need for you to make huge investment to achieve diversification. With just small investment you a have access to bonds, shares, property and the fixed interest.

2. Automatic fund transfer. You can easily set an automatic fund transfer through the fund company. You can do this for as small as $100 every month which shows that you may not need huge money to get automatic transactions.

3. Funds are professionally managed. All the complicated research on money markets is done by experienced people. This is actually their job and they make on the spot decision in case of market turmoil. These managers have access to all the important market information which normal people are not privy to. They also have access to global managers and resources which many of us don’t have.

4. Dollar cost averaging. This strategy involves making investment regularly over some specific period

Where To Buy Mutual Fund

March 18, 2015 Posted by admin

Most people are turning in to investors as they try to derive maximum out of the money available with them but very few know where to buy mutual funds. It is possible to buy them from various sources but it is better to know more about such sources and their fees before moving ahead. The various sources and their distinguishing features are enumerated below.


It is not advisable to buy mutual funds from a bank as they sell loaded funds. A load means that a sales charge has to be paid to the seller of the fund. This ranges from 4% to 8% of the money invested and you can well imagine that if you have to pay 8% extra at the time you buy, it might take you more than a year to earn that 8% just to break even and then only you can hope to get some return. Also, while buying from a bank, you would have to pay either an entry load or an exit load. Moreover, you will not get a wide spectrum of investment opportunities if you deal with a bank. Banks also lack suitable investment advisors who can provide pertinent information regarding the various

Commercial Real Estate Financing 101 for Self-Storage Owners

March 18, 2015 Posted by admin

Commercial property financing can be quite a complicated course of action, but all in all is just like leasing anything else. Many of the moment financing self-storage consists of obtaining a difficult money professional bank loan, that’s based off assets. Within a tough cash industrial mortgage, usually the one finding the financial loans safeguards the actual money via the price of real estate property, which in this instance will be self-storage property.

Whenever financing in the realm of self-storage along with real estate, it is important to take a look at commercial mortgage costs. Industrial bank loan charges change simply by lenders and banks. They’re much like personal loans, and quite a few frequently require possess some form of guarantee. Being accredited for any business loan, you’ll need to cross any credit standing verify, and possess an individual property evaluated. Loan companies are famous for providing an advert mortgage loan rate of around 80 percent with the home’s overall value.

Now how does this link in to financing self-storage house? This jewelry in since financing is a big portion of buying a self-storage facility. A lot of concerns happen on the way to obtain a professional bank loan for this real estate

5 Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

March 14, 2015 Posted by admin

Before you invest, you should do your homework. Will you choose to use mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, and/or individual stocks and bonds? Inevitably, your homework assignment will lead you to articles outlining the disadvantages of mutual funds. But are all of these so-called disadvantages of mutual funds really disadvantages of mutual funds? Let’s take a look at several so-called disadvantages of mutual funds, and how you can avoid them.

*Disadvantage 1: Mutual Funds Have Hidden Fees

If fees were hidden, those hidden fees would certainly be on the list of disadvantages of mutual funds. The hidden fees that are lamented are properly referred to as 12b-1 fees. While these 12b-1 fees are no fun to pay, they are not hidden. The fee is disclosed in the mutual fund prospectus and can be found on the mutual funds’ web sites. Many mutual funds do not charge a 12b-1 fee. If you find the 12b-1 fee onerous, invest in a mutual fund that does not charge the fee. Hidden fees cannot make the list of disadvantages of mutual funds because they are not hidden and there are thousands of mutual funds that do not charge 12b-1 fees.

*Disadvantage 2: Mutual Funds Lack Liquidity

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