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No Credit Check Car Loans-Guaranteed Car Finance Approval

March 30, 2015 Posted by admin

No Credit Check Car Loans-Guaranteed Car Finance ApprovalHaving bad credit can be a very exasperating position to be in when you need a vehicle. Many people that are in this position and have been turned down by a local dealership turn to No Credit Check Vehicle Financing. This includes buy here pay here car lots, dealers that “finance bad credit” and “in house financing”�?, car lots.Basically, anyone can meet the criteria for a No Credit Check Car finance. Most car dealers require just your proof of employment, monthly pay slip, or other regular payments on other bills or accounts. This will enable the company to know if you have the capacity to pay them regularly.They may also ask for some collateral of your assets as their safety net if you default of payment. Applying through dealer finance also involves very little paper work. You don’t have to sign various documents from banks or lending institutions just to obtain a car loan. You just have to go to your car dealer, sign a contract or agreement with them and that’s it, you’ve got yourself a new car.You can also discuss with your dealer the payment scheme. Since, you will not be getting a loan from financing institutions or bank which has fixed terms regarding the application. It is very easy and convenient to you as a consumer or financer.You can simply ask the dealer if you could pay in cash or in cheque and whether in monthly or weekly payments. And, if the dealer agrees with your proposal then it’s a done deal.Of course, obtaining this type of car loans will have its disadvantage. The car dealers will have their own rules and regulations.They will offer a higher price and interest rate as compared to regular car financing because they know that you have no other options. Because, this is between you and the car dealer, this No Credit Check Car Loans will not help rebuild your credit history.Obtaining a car loan can be made with No Credit Check car finance offered by car dealers in this economic decline. As long as you show a good character with great employment history and receive regular income as well as provide collateral, you can now buy a new car conveniently with less worry.For Full Information Visit to –

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Financing Gas Stations and Convenience Stores 101

March 26, 2015 Posted by admin

How gas station owners can finance or re-finance gas station real estate. Most banks don’t want to lend on this type of property because they do not understand this business. Kendall Schnieder has been in the commercial real estate finance business since the mid 90’s and has a very close working relationship with some very aggressive banks.
Monday June 11, 2009

The USDA B&I lending program might be just right for you the time you need gas station financing.
Is your request for gas station financing the “Cream of the Crop?” Do you have a FICO score of 800+, 50% down, and 25 years of management experience? If not, then the next time you want to apply for gas station financing, you need to look beyond in-house lenders such a banks or savings and loan type lenders.
There are many financial instruments that are used for funding gas stations and convenience stores, the problem is find a lender that first of all knows the gas station financing business, and second, is in a position to shop various lending resources for the best funding program. Most lenders are employees that work for a bank or lender, and they normally have a set of underwriting guidelines that do not fit all circumstances. So they go by the numbers and know that if there are fifty applications for gas station financing, that one or two will be funded. And that is all they want, because those two applications will be the cream of the crop, and usually very safe loans. But what happens to the other 48 applications? That is what we want to talk about in this article.
Many gas stations are located in rural areas, meaning that they are not located close to a metropolitan city, and are located in town with fewer than 50,000 population. Gas station financing in these areas becomes more difficult for many reasons, none of which are directly tied to the business, but to underwriting guidelines. It is also important to understand that financing for gas stations is improving, and funds are becoming more available. One point that I want to make here is that this ‘loosening’ of funds for financing gas stations specifically, is not going to be long term. Part of the world plan on energy is to do away with natural resources, such as oil, and so there is going to be a lot of pressure to remove gas stations and go to alternative fuel sources. However, please be assured that once you do get your financing, they can’t take it away. So now is the time to do your strategic planning, and it will benefit you in the long run. Also know that the dollars you invest today will be cheap dollars when compared to the cost of investing five years, ten years from now.
One of the gas station financing programs that is available now, is the federal government’s USDA Business & Industry (B&I) loan program. It is somewhat similar the SBA’s loan programs, but is designed for rural area gas station financing. It appears that the B&I commercial real estate loan program may very well be improving and, as a result, there may be some new and significant lending opportunities, possible changes include:
� USDA like SBA will likely have some 90% guarantees in its stimulus funds
� USDA like SBA will likely pay some borrower fees and may reduce some borrower fee to 1% (from 2%)
� USDA will publish its stimulus rules for lenders to follow by June 1, 2009
� USDA stimulus funds will be delegated to the state for local approval.
To get the biggest bang for the buck and get the stimulus dollars flowing, the USDA B&I may give lenders the loan guarantee during construction as SBA does. Know that lenders considers these loans nationwide with 20% down for a 30-yr. term (no balloon). If you would like to know more about USDA’s B&I commercial real estate lending program, or would like to be updated as these changes occur, please let them know.

5 Benefits Of Investing in The Mutual Funds

March 19, 2015 Posted by admin

Mutual funds have been here since decades and have gone from strength to strength. Their popularity and longevity means that there are many solid reasons for making investment in them. Here we are looking at five important reasons.

1. Diversification of funds. This is the most important reason for many people who use mutual funds. There is no need for you to make huge investment to achieve diversification. With just small investment you a have access to bonds, shares, property and the fixed interest.

2. Automatic fund transfer. You can easily set an automatic fund transfer through the fund company. You can do this for as small as $100 every month which shows that you may not need huge money to get automatic transactions.

3. Funds are professionally managed. All the complicated research on money markets is done by experienced people. This is actually their job and they make on the spot decision in case of market turmoil. These managers have access to all the important market information which normal people are not privy to. They also have access to global managers and resources which many of us don’t have.

4. Dollar cost averaging. This strategy involves making investment regularly over some specific period of time. In this way you purchase more units when their prices are down and much lesser units when are prices are on higher side. The main aim of this strategy is to somehow lower the average per unit cost, thus giving you much lover cost for units which are purchased over a period of time. This is best strategy for the volatile markets. When market move downwards, you can celebrate! Because now you can purchase more units!

5. Easy liquidity. Normally you can get your funds within one week or even less. This is very advantageous in case of emergencies when you may need money at a short notice.

Though there are many critics of mutual funds, yet this method of polling of money for investment has several benefits, particularly for small investors having very limited resources.

Where To Buy Mutual Fund

March 18, 2015 Posted by admin

Most people are turning in to investors as they try to derive maximum out of the money available with them but very few know where to buy mutual funds. It is possible to buy them from various sources but it is better to know more about such sources and their fees before moving ahead. The various sources and their distinguishing features are enumerated below.


It is not advisable to buy mutual funds from a bank as they sell loaded funds. A load means that a sales charge has to be paid to the seller of the fund. This ranges from 4% to 8% of the money invested and you can well imagine that if you have to pay 8% extra at the time you buy, it might take you more than a year to earn that 8% just to break even and then only you can hope to get some return. Also, while buying from a bank, you would have to pay either an entry load or an exit load. Moreover, you will not get a wide spectrum of investment opportunities if you deal with a bank. Banks also lack suitable investment advisors who can provide pertinent information regarding the various funds and their merits and demerits.

Insurance Companies

You should not buy mutual fund through an insurance company as they do not sell directly and often combine other products along with the funds. These combinations are usually unit-linked products. Moreover, the funds sold by insurance companies are also loaded as in the case with banks, with many disadvantages.

Investment Advisors And Stock Brokers

These groups should be approached with caution as the funds sold by them are usually heavily loaded with high entry or exit costs. Some investment advisors might try to sell you a no-load fund but his financial services will carry high fees.

Discount Stock Brokers

You can buy mutual fund from these brokers as they are registered with various companies. Moreover, they provide various options without any load. You should choose them over the mutual fund companies as they have knowledge and expertise in this field and offer valuable advice to the investors as per their specific investment needs.

Mutual Fund Companies

If you approach these companies, you will not be charged any transaction fees. This should be one of your preferred options.

Basically, you need to find out the sources from where you can buy without having to pay any load charges whether front-end or back-end. Today many companies are offering a wide range of no-load mutual funds in every investment class that you can imagine. But you must read the fine print before investing your money.

Commercial Real Estate Financing 101 for Self-Storage Owners

March 18, 2015 Posted by admin

Commercial property financing can be quite a complicated course of action, but all in all is just like leasing anything else. Many of the moment financing self-storage consists of obtaining a difficult money professional bank loan, that’s based off assets. Within a tough cash industrial mortgage, usually the one finding the financial loans safeguards the actual money via the price of real estate property, which in this instance will be self-storage property.

Whenever financing in the realm of self-storage along with real estate, it is important to take a look at commercial mortgage costs. Industrial bank loan charges change simply by lenders and banks. They’re much like personal loans, and quite a few frequently require possess some form of guarantee. Being accredited for any business loan, you’ll need to cross any credit standing verify, and possess an individual property evaluated. Loan companies are famous for providing an advert mortgage loan rate of around 80 percent with the home’s overall value.

Now how does this link in to financing self-storage house? This jewelry in since financing is a big portion of buying a self-storage facility. A lot of concerns happen on the way to obtain a professional bank loan for this real estate that features a soaring market along with need. To start with, to further improve the chances of you obtaining a mortgage, handle any maintenance essential at the center. Make this happen prior to deciding to get your property examined, because you might must take photographs in the images to the loan providers. Also make it clear in order to creditors that you understand the marketplace and also management programs. Despite the fact that, you no longer need experience in having commercial property to possess self-storage, it’s essential to have managing encounter. Prior to a quotation from your lender acquire photographs of the home along with the issues around that. In addition provide all information regarding the facility which seems relevant, such as simply how much room will be on the residence, as well as what you’re planning in carrying out business as well as price-wise.

However, prior to your loan you may need a amount of funds in-pocket previously many different third-party solutions. By way of example, you simply must shell out appraisers on an assessment record. They will tell you the overall property’s value you want on financing. It’s also possible to should get any three-stage environmentally friendly evaluation to find out should there be any kind of problems in connection with property the power is actually about. Area of the threat evaluation is on paper, as well as the other regions will be more physical related and also entail exams as well as walk-through. Various other service fees start adding some legal fees, all around $5,Thousand in order to $10,500, presuming there isn’t any slip-ups or perhaps problems. There will also be financing payment (such as a unsecured loan) of about 1 % of the loan, which may become considerable for a way massive of the loan you try to get.

The loan course of action may take sometimes no less than 60 days, unless you are a veteran in relation to self-storage financing. Eventually, simply do pursuit and be geared up. In case you are well prepared, and also have a good proper grip on what you happen to be carrying out as well as what you should do, you will be the self-storage owner quickly and you will be happy with forget about the.

5 Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

March 14, 2015 Posted by admin

Before you invest, you should do your homework. Will you choose to use mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, and/or individual stocks and bonds? Inevitably, your homework assignment will lead you to articles outlining the disadvantages of mutual funds. But are all of these so-called disadvantages of mutual funds really disadvantages of mutual funds? Let’s take a look at several so-called disadvantages of mutual funds, and how you can avoid them.

*Disadvantage 1: Mutual Funds Have Hidden Fees

If fees were hidden, those hidden fees would certainly be on the list of disadvantages of mutual funds. The hidden fees that are lamented are properly referred to as 12b-1 fees. While these 12b-1 fees are no fun to pay, they are not hidden. The fee is disclosed in the mutual fund prospectus and can be found on the mutual funds’ web sites. Many mutual funds do not charge a 12b-1 fee. If you find the 12b-1 fee onerous, invest in a mutual fund that does not charge the fee. Hidden fees cannot make the list of disadvantages of mutual funds because they are not hidden and there are thousands of mutual funds that do not charge 12b-1 fees.

*Disadvantage 2: Mutual Funds Lack Liquidity

How fast can you get your money if you sell a mutual fund as compared to ETFs, stocks and closed-end funds? If you sell a mutual fund, you have access to your cash the day after the sale. ETFs, stocks and closed-end funds require you to wait three days after you sell the investment. I would call the “lack of liquidity” disadvantage of mutual funds a myth. You can only find more liquidity if you invest in your mattress.

*Disadvantage 3: Mutual Funds Have High Sales Charges

Should a sales charge be included in the disadvantages of mutual funds list? It’s difficult to justify paying a sales charge when you have a plethora of no-load mutual funds. But, then again, it’s difficult to say that a sales charge is a disadvantage of mutual funds when you have thousands of mutual fund options that do not have sales charges. Sales charges are too broad to be included on my list of disadvantages of mutual funds.

*Disadvantage 4: Mutual Funds and Poor Trade Execution

If you buy or sell a mutual fund, the transaction will take place at the close of the market regardless of the time you entered the order to buy or sell the mutual fund. I find the trading of mutual funds to be a simple, stress-free feature of the investment structure. However, many advocates and purveyors of ETFs will point out that you can trade throughout the day with ETFs. If you decide to invest in ETFs over mutual funds because your order can be filled at 3:50 pm EST with ETFs rather than receive prices as of 4:00 pm EST with mutual funds, I recommend that you sign up for the Stress Management Weekly Newsletter at

*Disadvantage 5: All Mutual Funds Have High Capital Gains Distributions

If all mutual funds sell holdings and pass the capital gains on to investors as a taxable event, then we have a found a winner for the list of disadvantages of mutual funds list. Oh well, not all mutual funds make annual capital gains distributions. Index mutual funds and tax-efficient mutual funds do not make these distributions every year. Yes, if they have the gains, they must distribute the gains to shareholders. However, many mutual funds (including index mutual funds and tax-efficient mutual funds) are low-turnover funds and do not make capital gains distributions on an annual basis.

In addition, retirement plans (IRAs, 401ks, etc.) are not impacted by capital gains distributions. There are also strategies to avoid the capital gains distributions including tax-loss harvesting and selling a mutual fund prior to the distribution.

There are advantages and disadvantages of investing in each and every investment vehicle. However, if you come across a list of the disadvantages of mutual funds, scrutinize each item on the list and determine if it applies as a disadvantage of mutual funds or a disadvantage of a particular mutual fund or to investment vehicles as a whole regardless of the structure, by Lee McGowan,

Important Tips About Mutual Fund Investing

March 11, 2015 Posted by admin

Mutual fund investing has greatly increased over the past 40 years and has become one of the most popular type of investing anywhere, but there are still ways to lose your money if your not carefull. Investing in mutual funds is still a risky business. Alot of people are doing it. Hopefully these tips will help you with any concerns you might have.

A common criticism of mutual fund investing is there rate of return is not as high as index funds, which are not as popular have historically returned a higher investment than actively managed mutual funds.

Another common problem people have with mutual fund investing is the use of load funds. You have probably seen the phrase “no-load mutual fund”. No load type funds are preferred because load funds come loaded with fees. These fees can run anywhere from half of a percent up to 8.5 percent of however much money you chose to invest. In the investing world it is said that these fees are a conflict of intrest as they clearly benefit the individuals making the sale and hurt the investor. Load mutual funds also influence your broker to recommend funds that will increase his fee, and not your investment portfolio.

Many investors also find another conflict of intrest in the size of the mutual fund. Many companies that manage the mutual fund charge a fee of half a percent up to 2 and half percent of the total size of the funds assets. This fee has a way of causing the fund to spend more money on advertising than it actually needs. The managers get more people to invest so they can maximize there fees as much as possible.

There has also been scandal in the mutual fund market. In 2003 there was a scandal that involved the practice of uunethical and dishonest trding practices. There were funds that were involved in late trading and market trimming, which are both illegal. You really don’t want to invest in a mutual fund that is engaged in that type of activity.

Investing in mutual funds is increasing in popularity day by day, inspite of a few bad eggs. They can’t ruin it for everyone. Just remember to enter any type of investing with you eyes wide open, and if you fine your fund is running improperly, there are authorities that you can report them to.

Motor Bike Finance Make Your Own Road

March 11, 2015 Posted by admin

The pleasure of criss-crossing the country in a bike is really a wonderful experience. Of course you can use the other modes but in a bike the felling is almost different. If you are thinking of doing it now but do not have any bike or the finances to purchase it, you can apply for motor bike finance.

With the help of Motor Bike Finance [], you can avail the right amount of finances to purchase a new or used bike at very flexible terms and conditions. However the used bike should be at least 5-6 years old otherwise it looses the market value. These finances are made available to you in two formats i.e. secured and unsecured format.

Secured format of the finances can be availed by pledging any valuable asset or the bike it self as collateral. By pledging collateral, her you can access the lowest possible interest on the loans. On the other hand, unsecured format of the loans are beneficial for borrowers like tenants and non homeowners. They can purchase the bike without attaching any collateral. Asset owners too can apply for the loans without putting their property at stake. However the interest for this loan option will be slightly higher.

The repayment term for the finances usually stretches for a period of 5-7 years. But before opting for the finances, it is very much necessary to collect the prices of various models. Then you should look for the dealers offering discounts and special packages along with the purchase. By resorting to this method, you will borrow the only amount required for the purchase with no extra financial burden. You must also avoid the finances provided by the dealer as they may levy some hidden cost which may make it difficult for you while repaying the borrowed amount.

Individuals with bad credit history like CCJs, IVA, arrears, defaults etc can also apply for the finances. Although the interest rates will be higher, by repaying the borrowed amount sum with in the specified time period they can elevate the credit score.

To avail further low rates on the finances, you can use the online option. You can collect and compare the quotes to select a lender offering the finances at competitive rates.

With motor bike finance, it is possible for you to get a new or used bike without any financial worries. Now make your own road on the highway.

Select Wisely From the Top Mutual Funds

March 11, 2015 Posted by admin

A mutual fund is a company that jointly collects money from several investors and uses that money to invest in various bonds, stocks, securities, assets, or money market instruments. The funds that are combined after everyone has contributed their share are known as the portfolio. Every share stands for an investors segment of the holdings which belong to him, and the consequent income that those funds may or may not generate. Although a mutual fund is often researched by professional money managers, it is advised for you to consult a financial expert before you buy in to one. It is important to be clever about this, and not hire someone who is biased towards a particular company. Such a person may try to influence you into buying shares of a company which serves his purposes. Avoid people with something to gain, and hire someone who will give you the straight truth with no strings attached.

It must be remembered that mutual funds have no guarantee attached to them. Even if you buy shares through a particular bank, which is carrying the same name as the fund, there is still a chance that you could lose your money. So be careful before making a decision, and analyse the factors carefully. It is also advisable not to put all of your money in one place. This is known as Diversification, and the term can be summed up simply, by the common phrase �don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Spreading out your savings and investing in many of the top mutual funds is the best way to go, as it lowers your risk. Keep in mind that the past performance of a certain company is not always a loyal indicator of how promising its future will be. There are funds which have succeeded in the past, that do not do well in the future. When choosing among the best mutual funds, your choices are varied. So do your research carefully, and analyse which one you feel best resonates success. Examine how they have served past customers. If you like what you see, then go ahead and pick that one for yourself. A factor which will help you weed out funds that you wouldn’t want to invest in, would be tax. Examine which funds have the highest taxes on them. Calculate what your final profit will be, should the fund be successful. This is a good tip for any investment, so keep it in mind.

So pick wisely, when picking from among the best mutual funds, and remember to use the tips that you have just learnt!

Cheap Car Finance – Be a Proud Owner of Your Dream Car

March 9, 2015 Posted by admin

Nowadays cars have become one of the most essential things in the world. Nobody can live without a car and each and everybody wants to own his / her personal car so that they would have the freedom to go and roam about anywhere quickly to save a lot of time. This is due to public transport takes a lot of time. Many individual have become fed up of the public transport and even want their own personal transport so that they would have complete control over it and drive it wherever they wish to. Suppose an individual has to reach to a place in an emergency, then he cannot depend upon the public transport. He has to take support of a private transport so that he might reach his destination on time. Cheap car finance supports people to purchase a car with the best deal from the market and even guides an individual to find the best dealer feasible in the market.

Cheap car insurance gives a person the monetary support for which he can buy his dream car without any trouble. It is available for them through several means like from a monetary institution, bank, online finances or even personal finances. It is the option of the borrower that by which means he wish to take the finance and it even depends on the type of car which he wishes to purchase. If an individual is going for a used car then it should not be used more than 5 – 7 years. After that particular time, the market value of the car goes down and hence, there is no use of purchasing a car after that time period. fast loans can be obtained with or without placing security to the lender from whom he would borrow the finance.

If an individual is pledging security to the lender then it is called a secured car finance otherwise it is an unsecured car finance. It simply relies upon the needs of the borrower that which type of finance scheme he wants. If he desires a low interest rate with a fixed monthly installment scheme then he shall place collateral to the lender and sign a plan of secured car finance. If he thinks that he would not be capable to pay monthly installments every month then he can choose the unsecured car finance. But the rate of interest in an unsecured can finance is very high as compared to secure car finance. But both of these finances are very reasonable if we compare them to other finance schemes available in the financial market.

Nowadays cars have become one of the most essential things in the world. Nobody can live without a car and each and everybody wants to own his / her personal car so that they would have the freedom to go and roam about anywhere quickly to save a lot of time. So, easily avail cheap car finance and fulfill all your desires.