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Benefits of Using Androidfor Your Business

July 28, 2016 Posted by admin

In our advance tech-world now, mobile phones improved a lot from big and heavy phones with an antenna to slim Smartphone with touchable screens. These Smartphone have two major competitors in the market which are the Android and the iOs from Apple. But, what made Android as more device friendly to many users? The Android developers are continuously updating their software and application to an up-to-the-minute technical necessity. They create diverse applications that will suit it every age level and reach all aspects of lifestyle.

Android keeps ahead in the competition with other operating systems because it is very handy to use. Android is free open platform and an open source solution for mobile devices packed with a complete software that boosts its demand.

Advantages of the Android App:

  1. High ROI and low investment – android definitely has lower barrier entry compared to other software out there. The stages of android involve; application development, app testing, and the deployment to Android app store.
  2. Open Source – you can get an open source development advantage from licensing, it is royalty free, and the best technology framework that Android community is offering. Its open source architecture allows you to interact with the community for the future enhancements of the android mobile development. This gives more great opportunities for developers to have bigger earnings especially to those handset manufacturers and wireless operators.
  3. Android is easy to integrate – if you are looking for a complicated technical customization and a web application integration or even an ordinary Smartphone application. Android is the best answer for you where the entire platform of the software is already prepared. Whatever your business is, you can integrate a mobile app to it that suits your business need. Simple apps in android that are commonly used in small businesses are Viber, WeChat, and Skype.
  4. Multiple channels – this is perfect for sales which can expand your marketing and your audience. Third-party applications can be used as your marketplace, or can create your own marketplace and sales channel. Android software freely allows you to build your own and publish it with your promotional strategy.
  5. Easy to adopt – anyone can create Android application if they want to under the permission of Java. This is since Android applications are scripted in the Java language thanks to the brilliant help of library sets. This simplicity became beneficial to all java developers.

Furthermore, Android applications provide an efficient solution for data securities with the help of EMM. Enterprise mobility management platform allows different companies to provide a productive, secure and excellent mobile experience to their employees. Its program enables the employees to use their personal devices to accomplish their work-related duties, while they separate their personal matters. Android for work is compatible with devices with 4.0 – 6.0 software that is now used by a lot of companies to enhance their employees’ access to work. Its program allows the user to seamlessly switch from their personal apps to their work apps whenever they need to. The data security is not a problem too since all the Android for Work devices are programmed with a lock screen, remote attestation services, disk encryption, and hardware-backed up a key store. This prevents the mobile user to install unknown apps and the need to configure.