5 Best Mutual Funds

August 12, 2014 Posted by admin

There are thousands and thousands of mutual funds out there all promoting themselves as the best. Trying to pick the right one can be very difficult. The truth is that the majority of mutual funds actually lag the overall market. Too many people make the mistake of picking the “hottest” ones with high fees or poor management.

To help you in your investing, I researched hundreds of different investments and found these ones to be my favorites. I like these investments so much that I own shares in each of them and have made money investing in them. This is my list of my 5 favorites that will outperform the market over the next few years. The common theme among them is that they all have low fees, great management, and pay solid dividends. The growth has been great.I can name a good number of mutual funds that actually had a positive performance over the past decade. They aren’t even the hottest funds in industries or niche funds that did well. These are boring solid funds. While the market may have been down over the past decade, the mutual funds that I invested in actually were up.

Many of these mutual funds are ones that you may not have ever heard of before. I pick the best growth, value, balanced funds that you can invest in. I also look at the best one for risk takers. Each report contains a look at each investment’s historical performance over the past few years. It also details the portfolio composition including the top 10 ten holdings. You also get fund expenses and minimums to invest. This report contains funds for the both the large and small investor.If you are shaky about investing in a particular fund, check out this report. It’s important that you trust the financial institution that you are giving your hard earned capital too. You want to feel comfortable that you are making the best investment decision for your dollars.

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