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How to develop improved mobile banking solutions.

November 23, 2016 Posted by admin


Changes in technology affect all businesses in one way or another. There are both positive and negative effects. The banking industry is one of the major sensitive industries and for you to keep on improving the experiences of the customers, it is very important to keep on monitoring the market place in order to know when a change comes up in the banking industry. In order for you to be successful in the transformation of banking operations due to the rise of the digital platforms, you need to have leadership skills that will guide the employees and also enable you to weigh out on the available options especially in the mobile banking options. The following are some of the major ways that a bank can improve the mobile banking solutions.

  1. Have clear goals for your bank.

Having clear goals in mobile banking helps you, as a bank to work hard towards achieving it. It is good to realize that the development of mobile banking is ever changing with the changes experiences in technology. Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep on updating the mobile platforms in order to improve its functionality.  are committed to have a cultural shift whereby, by the use of the mobile banking platforms, the bank is able to have a better decision making process. The innovation in the mobile banking requires the IT and business departments to work together in order to make this innovation a reality.

  1. Seek to incorporate the data and other bank services.

By use of mobile banking, the banks are able to access the data of their customers from several places/platforms at any time. They banks are able to learn about the behavior of their customers thus understanding how they can use these data and behavior in improving their experience. The banks are also able, by using the mobile applications, to provide their staff members with the visibility of the clients. This in the long run helps greatly in lowering the costs of the mobile development.

  1. Develop security measures for the mobile banking platforms.

Security is paramount in this platform due to the amount of clients’ information available to the staff. A breach of privacy and confidentiality of the clients’ information can have a great negative impact on the bank. However, the banks are able to protect their employees from accessing all the customer information all thanks to the biometric identification. The bank management should look beyond the management of the device and incorporate technology stack that would support the development of mobile applications, its integration as well as the management.

By using these ways the bank is able to create a platform that will help in improving the customer experience thus providing them with value.

Different banking features for the public

October 28, 2016 Posted by admin

The ability to manage your finances online from your computer, tablet or smart phone is becoming more and more important to the consumers. Most banks offers financial services for business owners who needs to differentiate the personal and professional finances. Bank is dealing with the customer to provide them more profit.  You can easily access the internet services and simply knows the details about your bank account. Banks are providing many technical features which make your life more easy and comfortable. Like, with the help of smart phone you can easily create the bank account and get the latest update about the bank offers and schemes.

Now a day it has become so easy to create the bonding with the bank. Furthermore you can get lots of features for the various purposes. FNB Norcal has the best and unique features for their customer. In the technical world, bank is also performing advance step by step. You will be amazed to know the excellent features about the bank that makes your work easy and comfortable. Meeting with the bank staff provides you more knowledge and profitable offers. Bank typically offers a variety of services to assist individuals in managing their finances.

Features of the bank-  

  • Accounting creation: the most important thing is to create the account in the bank. Once you create the account in the smart phone, you can easily complete the enrollment process from the starter to the finish level. You can live up-to-date by creating the account into the smart phone.
  • Bill payment: whether it is electricity bill or shopping bill, you do not need to make struggle more. The best features of the banking are that you can easily pay the online bill automatically. You won’t need to go out. You can do this access through internet and pay every kind of bill easily.
  • Messaging alert: one of the best features of the bank is that it secures your account at any cost. If someone is trying to do any unwanted thing with your bank account, you will easily get the security message on your mobile. This will saves your account and you can inform to the bank employee for this.

These features are excellent to use and makes your life easier. provides the best features. You can easily manage your account according to your need and satisfaction.



Increase Your Home Loan Eligibility

October 24, 2015 Posted by admin


While searching for your dream home or undertaking renovations with a company like Storm Guard, you may come to the realization that the loan you qualify for isn’t enough. It is in such circumstances that one needs to figure out how to increase your eligibility.1

How to increase home loan eligibility?

The qualification for home credit is relative to the rates. When there is a spike in the interest rates, the eligibility for credit becomes harder. Recently, home loan rates have been shooting up.

Before you look for a home loan from the bank, verify that you have paid all your past balances and that you haven’t defaulted on any payments. The bank will consider these reasons to decrease the loan amount if not taken care of. Before acquiring the loan, verify that it is updated in your FICO assessment.

When it becomes clear that your salary is insufficient to get a loan, it would be prudent to look into a cosigner. In such cases, the joining of salaries shows the bank that they will get their money regardless if something were to happen.

If you are deemed a high risk applicant, your interest rates will be much higher and you may not get the exact amount you want. When you start to build your credit up or get a higher paying job, your qualification will start to expand.


If researched thoroughly, there are a few ways you can have a noteworthy impact on your loan eligibility. With cautious exploration and tireless arranging one can undoubtedly build his or her home advance qualification.