Get In Touch With Some Of The Major Finance Services

December 29, 2014 Posted by admin

People are day by day getting poor in their business. This is not because of bad business skills, but because of cash flow, payment problems etc. They need to go for some finance system. If anyone’s business is getting interrupted or slowing down due to cash flow or delayed payments, they can go for debtor finance. That’s one of the solutions in such cases. It can give advance cash in your hand according to the one’s invoice. You can get 85% of the advance of your total invoices in just 24 hours. So you can easily get access to cash directly so as to meet your expenses. This finance system helps you to spend more time for business and lesser time in wait of payment. This will automatically improve your cash flow. This will help you in accelerating growth of your business. One’s limit of funds increases with debtor finance. Your family will be free of your business and its problems. It is the fastest way of funding and one can take full advantage of this opportunity. For this finance, just go to the lenders who can easily fund you in need. Banks are a little bit slow and fund you on behalf of your past business. There is no need of real estate in this finance system. It works in some easy steps. Firstly sell your stocks and raise your invoices. Then you can receive 85% amount of your invoices within 24 hours from your lender. With this amount, you can buy new stocks, new orders and much more. After that you can receive your remaining 15% amount when your customers pay you. This process is easy and less risky and more profitable.
Another way of finance is trade finance. Trade finance refers to finance for trade. This system requires a seller to sell products or services and a buyer to buy products or services. There are some intermediates also such as banks, which facilitates trade between importers and exporters.
For example, suppose the exporters need the importer to pay for the goods in advance. The importer would also wish to reduce risk of payment for the goods. In such cases, banks act as intermediate. They provide some form to prevent risks. The importer’s bank provides credit letter to the exporter’s bank as payment on behalf of certain documents. The exporter’s bank can get a loan from bank to that letter of credit. In this way, both importer and exporter can prevent the risks. There are other forms of trade finance also like factoring, insurance, collection of bills etc. This method of finance has decreased many risks. It’s a secure and verifiable way between importer and exporter. Bank sometimes takes undertaking from both parties also instead of issuing a credit letter.

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