Retirement Made Easy With Mutual Funds

June 30, 2014 Posted by admin

With the advances in healthcare and science, people are more than likely to live beyond 65. However without a fixed income every month, living beyond retirement is becoming quite the task. In such cases, it is always best to start financial planning long before you actually have to retire. Keeping in mind that inflation continually challenges the purchasing-power of whatever money we do have in our hand, planning for a time when there is no steady inflow of money seems like the only smart way to live. While setting aside a small part of our income, or even saving half of our daily wages may seem enough for our non-working years, the market is always volatile. Saving half of our earnings may be enough today, but tomorrow we might need more. In order to take care of the amount of money we are likely to require in the future, investing may be our only option. However, the risk of investing is no secret, so how exactly do we find a fairly safe investment to ensure a better retired life?

One of the ways in which we can work towards a secure future is by investing in mutual funds. One of the biggest benefits of mutual funds is that they have a lower risk as compared to individual stocks and bonds. This is because in these funds, the investment is diversified and many people invest in a single fund. Apart from the low risk, investing in a fund means that a professional will help overlook the investment process. This means that we ourselves need not spend every morning buried in the business pages of the newspaper. Your share in a mutual fund investment can also be liquidated at any time, so there is no risk of your money being kept out of your reach, should you need it at any point of time. However, it is important to remember that an investment is never without risk, and mutual funds are no exception to the rule. Even though these funds are managed by professionals, these professionals may also make mistakes. Therefore it is always best to double check your investments before finalising anything.

Mutual Funds in India were introduced as early as 1963, and financial agencies came up with their own funds from 1987. The growth since then has been phenomenal, and today almost all financial institutions across the nation have their own funds. However, the mutual fund market in India is still not utilised well by the people. While the reasons for this may be several and varied, we must remember that we still need our futures to be secure. So take some time to read more about mutual funds and then invest in them.

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