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idelity Mutual Funds

September 29, 2014 Posted by admin

Finding a good return on your money is really not that easy for the majority of people these days. Not merely is the population aging, which means that these investors will be attempting to supplement their pension from interest from their capital, but the younger population is also be searching for investment opportunities in order to make up a nest egg for their retirement.

One of the most popular investment vehicles is something called mutual funds. Mutual funds have been around for well over a hundred years and have proved themselves over and over again as reliable investment options.

However, there are hundreds, if not thousands of mutual funds, so deciding which one to invest in is fairly difficult. However, it is important to decide on the right one(s) because the difference in performance between the best ones and the worst ones is quite frightening.

Mutual investment funds operate on the principal of many investors who do not have the time, inclination or knowledge to invest for themselves, hand their money to to a mutual investment fund so that they get cheaper dealing charges (economies to scale) and they also get the services of an expert stock picker to manage their nest egg for them.

The problem with mutual funds is that you still have to keep an eye on them. After all, managers move on to other businesses, so if you have faith in one particular manager, you may want to sell up and follow him or her whenever they move on.

One of the most successful mutual investment funds over the very long term is the Fidelity Mutual Fund. In fact, Fidelity manages quite a few mutual funds, so even if you make a decision to go with Fidelity, you still have to decide on which funds exactly.

You can rely on a manager or adviser to make or help you make these decisions or you can guess for yourself. For instance, you may think that Japan or the Pacific Basin is pretty cheap and ought to do well for the next ten years. Or you may think that commodities have to rise in price. You can decide on Fidelity mutual funds for these more refined investment choices.

The problem with Fidelity Mutual Investment Funds as with all mutual funds and indeed all investment vehicles is that nothing remains the same for ever, so you have to check your investments frequently (or have someone else do it for you, which is hardly ever as good).

Mutual investment funds are a long term investment which means that you should expect to leave the money in there for at least ten years. In fact, there are penalties and early get-out clauses.This is because financial advisers are paid for introducing you to Fidelity and Fidelity has to recover that money from you.

Do not join any Fidelity Mutual Fund (or any other mutual fund) without first checking out their web site and reading their latest terms and conditions. If you still feel that Fidelity could be good for your investment needs, find a broker or your bank and get their advice. At least that way, if the fund does badly you will have someone to grumble to and you will not get the fund any cheaper whether you go through a broker or not.